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Friday, May 25, 2012

ByeBye, Baby(fat)

Now that my IC is under control, I have to get back on the path to better overall health.

In fact, I’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to some excess poundage.

If you’re willing to help keep me accountable, then leave a comment and let me know you’ll be watching and encouraging. 

In return, I will post progress reports.

I’m officially giving my unwanted baggage its walking papers: 

Dear Fat,

I am writing to let you know our relationship is over. You are no longer welcome to leave your junk in my trunk or your spare tire around my middle.

Please know that the fruits, veggies, whole grains and legumes are moving in. They are my new besties.

So when you go, take your candy bars, potato chips and anything else that might tempt me to let you move back in.   

I know I’ve kicked you out before. But this time, you have to go for good. You have a way of turning me into a wiggly, jiggly mess. Shame!

Also, if I let you stick around, then you might decide to invite your no-good friends—diabetes, heart disease and even cancer—to move in with you.


You’ve brought me nothing but tears. So don’t try to find me again; I only have eyes for Slim now.

By the time you get this message, I’ll have cleaned out your part of the fridge and run off with the treadmill.

Our affair is over.

Ms. Erable NoMore

P.S. You never looked good in my summer clothes—or even my winter ones.


  1. Elisa Seaba May 25, 2012 9:50 AM

    I will be here cheering you on Melinda!! Go girl!!

    1. Well, I sure do appreciate that, Elisa! Thank you!! Who knows--when I get some of the marshmallow fluff off my thighs and am no longer in danger of being beaten to death by them--maybe I can start running. If that happens, I know who to talk to about scoring some awesome running shoes! :)

  2. Tyler Celeste Hill May 25, 2012 10:50 PM

    So I LOVE your new blog! You have exactly the snappy little writing style that I adore, and when I saw your link to this entry on Facebook, I got super excited.

    And I was not disappointed.

    This is great!
    Great goal.
    Great way of sharing it.

    Keep the updates coming!

    1. Wow, Tyler, I'm blushing! What a glowing review. Thank you so much! :)

  3. I will be cheering for you, and I am excited for you I know you can do it! I am also trying to lose weight so in this alongside with ya:)

    1. Thank so much, Annie! We can cheer each other on. :)

  4. Hiya beautiful Meli, hope you're still full of conviction and excitement at the new you in process.

    I'm digging my exercise bike out tomorrow and going to commit to riding for at least 30 minsa day and I will keep a food journal to hopefully remove any 'O so naughty moments of temptation' and keep me on track. It's winter here and I just want to eat naughty things.

    Keep up the good work darling.

    We are going to be a HOTTIES in no time!!

    love you oodles Meli my gorgeous girlie girlfriend!!!!

    Love Lynny xxx

    1. Well, lovely Lynny (you already are smokin!), what a sweet and encouraging comment! Thank you so much. :)

      I'm so proud of you for committing to your exercise bike. I think moving is such a huge key to staying on track healthwise. I have committed to moving in some way at least 30 minutes each day. So far, the hubs and I have walked a couple of times the 1.5 mile trail around a beautiful lake here and I've gone swimming quite a bit. I need to get a bike to ride to work for when school beings in the fall. And I hope to get back to weight lifting also in the fall (if my IC stays under control.)

      I have to stick to a very strict diet to keep from getting flares and ulcers from the IC, so I'm forced to really think before I eat something, which is good. But I'm with you, it's so hard to not want the fattening foods in the winter! Thank goodness it's summer here!

      Two awesome places to track food intake and nutrition are ( and I'm using the livestrong site; it's awesome!

      Thank you, again, for the encouragement! I know we can do this together. Love you bunches! Meli


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