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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hanging by a Thread

Don't you just love a good prank?

I was reading Yahoo News this morning and found this funny video of teachers pulling a fast one on their high school pupils. While the students of Abby Kelley Foster Charter School in Worcester, Mass., are giving heartfelt testimonials, the teachers definitely are marching--or should I say dancing--to the beat of a different drum. (The Whitney Houston song was added later.)

Here's the video:

This reminds me of my school teacher sister on April Fool's Day. Every year, she does the same prank, and every year someone falls for it. She puts in her pant's pocket a spool of thread that is the same color as her shirt. Then, she runs the end of the thread through a seam, so that a bit of it hangs out of the shirt.

It never fails. Someone pulls on the thread, thinking it's just a loose end that will break off, and my sister walks away, leaving the person holding an ever-growing length of thread. Of course, the reaction is priceless. 

And it's also a good way to cure those closet lint pickers, thread pullers and otherwise innocent-looking "people groomers."    

You know who you are.

Have a great Monday and beware any loose ends!

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