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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sometimes I find myself thinking in abbreviations.

Silly, ikr? See what I mean?

Even so, I often spell out the words when I text--seems more professional. I also tend to jabber on and on, one or two screens worth--not professional. Oh, well.

My son says I'm the slowest texter in the world. I wonder why he thinks that? (insert sarcasm here) Maybe it's because he generally types one partial, abbreviation-packed sentence. And I create a book. Yeah, that could be it.

Of course, it may take me longer, because I spend a lot of time lol-ing or rotfl. 

Afaik, I'm probably not the slowest texter. I do get the job done before people fall asleep awaiting a response--and even without all the abbreviations.

IC is one abbreviation that is on my mind a lot.

Believe me, you won't find that one in a list of texting abbreviations. It means Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome.

It's a disease that not many people are aware of until they develop it. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people.

If you're squeamish, then know that I'm sending you a big cyber hug--and don't read beyond this point.

Ok, if you're still on board, then I'm moving on to the icky stuff.

I had surgery Tuesday to cauterize ulcers in my bladder. (This was the third such procedure in two years.) The doctor saw only one ulcer during a scopic exam two weeks ago. But by surgery time, another full blown one had appeared and another was in the making. Ick!

Jtlyk, I'm one of the 10 percent of IC sufferers with an ulcerative case.

And they're not kidding about the painful part.The disease greatly thins or eats away the protective layer of the bladder lining. A compromised lining exposes bladder nerves to toxins.

I didn't want to gross you out today, but I do want people to know about this disease.

Also, I could really use your prayers for a quick recovery.

Btw, I will be taking the week off from blogging to heal.

God bless and ttyl.

**For you texting newbies--is that possible?--here are the meanings of the abbreviations I used:
mte = My thoughts exactly
ikr = I know, right?
lol = Laugh out loud
rotfl = Rolling on the floor laughing
afaik = As far as I know
jtlyk = Just to let you know
btw = By the way
ttyl = Talk to you later

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